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PanSpark LMS

A complete solution for administration and customer service for today's modern laundries, a cloud-based POS and store management software for your laundry business

Panoramic Universal Ltd. takes great pleasure to introduce our one of a Laundry management system with mobile App that helps Laundry Services meet those demands and track their businesses first hand. Our robust and powerful software record, track, store data and maintain your laundry’s day-to-day activities.

If you have a chain of stores or a single store everything can be effectively monitored with mobile app. Most people have a smart phone and it provides the ease of connectivity online and ease of accessibility as well.

It’s sufficed to say it will track most of your day-to-day activity first hand. Right from the time you receive the clothes to the laundry to the time it’s delivered to the customer.

Store/Work shop Application – It is a windows desktop application that makes easy to use with good performance.

Key Features
Customer Management
  • Customer registration
  • Discount % assignment
  • Loyalty Management
  • SMS/email notification

Order Management
  • Order Booking
  • Invoice Printing
  • Item tag printing

Order process Management (item wise tracking)
  • Send to Work shop
  • Received from workshop
  • Order/garment Placing on Rack and Hanger
  • Home delivery
  • Delivered to customer

Cash Management
  • Patty Cash – Refill and daily expenses
  • Main Cash
  • Bank deposits

Issue Management - Issue logging system for issue discovered during/prior to the servicing process
  • Log Issues - The issues can be logged for any defects, Lost or damage, Unclean\not clean items.
  • Approval work flow for registered issues.
  • Approval/Reject - approval or rejection process for issues logged in the system
  • Process: Process for return item the procedure of the processes.

Pickup and Delivery Management - Issue logging system for issue discovered during/prior to the servicing process
  • Pick up request – by phone call or mobile app
  • Pick up assignment to driver and its confirmation.
  • Delivery assignment to driver
  • Delivery confirmation by driver

Checks and Controls
  • Store Counter Opening
  • Store Counter Closing
  • Store Closing
  • Activity tracking of users
  • Process/Status tracking of order
  • MIS – reports

Audit Process
  • In-PP (Item in store and Payment Pending): delivery and payment pending when laundry is completed.
  • Out –PP (Item Not in store and Payment Pending) – Item not in store and payment pending.
  • Inventory of Garments at store
  • Inventory of Garment at Work shop

Work shop management
  • Receiving of Items from store.
  • Different process tracking items at work shop like send for iron
  • Send to store

  • Biometric authentications at Store for critical activities like cash collection, delivery of items, order creation etc.
  • OTP verification for customer registration.
  • Activity tracking of users with time stamp.

Promotion and Offers Ability to create promotion and offers for customers based on various pre-set criteria:
  • Create Promotion - Creating promotion based on amount, free items, loyalty points etc.
  • Create Offer’s - Create offers for defined promotion based on store, locality, customer type etc.
  • Create Promo code – Create promo code based on fixed discount or percentage.

Package Sale
  • Create different packages based on discount, value advantage, number of items etc. for defined cycles or period.

Credit note Management
  • For return items.
  • Lost or damage items.
  • Unclean\not clean items.

Notification Management
  • Define notification – Customer notifications can be set-up for promotions\offers, new store opening or any events.
  • Assigned, send and Schedule notification – scheduling the above notifications for mobile app, SMS or email.

Vendor Management
  • Vendor management for tracking the Items with vendor for out sourced services.

Loyalty Management A loyalty management system for encouraging customer loyalty for services rendered:
  • Define different type of Customer like Silver, Gold, Platinum … Segregating customers on generating businesses generated and tenure.
  • Define Criteria for customer type –customer segregation based by the number of points generated.
  • Define Points – points criteria based on sales generated by the customer
  • Redeeming points – point redemption against the order.
  • Reports – reports about the points, history, etc.

Integration with Tally if required. Mobile Application (Android)
  • Customer App: This app is for the customer who can request a pick-up/delivery, track their order status, view order history and even make payments online.
  • Store App: The second app is the store app for the delivery guys who can plan their routes for delivery via Google maps. The pick-up and delivery can be updated in real-time.
  • MIS App: The third app is for the management or business owners to track store wise sale and collection, work load and performance monitor comparing to previous moths or year.

Web based Master Management application to manage following masters centrally and from anywhere.
  • Store creation and it’s set up
  • User management
  • Service and Rate management
  • Promotion and offer creation.
  • Package creation.

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